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tv   9 News Now at 11pm  CBS  October 9, 2009 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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. breaking news off the top right now. officers on the lookout for men who shot two others a block away from car cardoza high. >> there was a football game going on at the time. police are still combing the scene for clues. they found one of the guns. police working at tonight's game are clearly shaken. >> it's definitely a surprise. i work at the school and hear different stories but definitely a surprise to hear it happened today and it happened definitely after that game. >> as a result the suspects apparently shot the two victims. one suffered a gunshot wound to the ankle and the other one was grazed in the forehead area. the suspects then fled the scene. >> some neighbors we spoke with say they're taking extra precautions tonight making sure to lock up.
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right now both victims are recovering at howard university hospital. now to being insecure in your own home. 24 families in fairfax county targeted for their jewelry. most are indian-american. >> now police are not linking all the cases, but the victims are. surae chinn spoke with one family who thought their pricey, high-tech security system would protect them. she joins us with those exclusive details. >> reporter: indian americans are being targeted for their gold. the family had $40,000 worth of gold, other jewelry and electronics stolen. they had purchased an alarm system a few months ago to prevent something like this from happening after two dozen others in their community had fallen victim. they're not only angry at their loss but the alarm system they say let them down. she hasn't touched a thing after crooks ransacked her home three days ago stealing precious gold. >> a lot of it is ancestral jewelry. i wear it as a memory of my
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father who is not alive anymore. >> reporter: she and her family haven't been able to sleep here since. >> i cry. i cry. i feel i've lost everything. >> reporter: they even had installed a high-tech wireless security system after a rash of break-ins this summer. but it was no match for the crooks who pulled out the power lines and the battery. the company said it has no record of the lost signal. according to its guidelines the company is supposed to be alerted. it only has a record of her husband's remote disarming the system. but he says he had the remote with him and was nowhere near the house. disbl. regardless if it happened, all parties are supposed to be alerted if there's a power failure. vector security did not provide anyone to go on camera. but one person said if the battery packet is removed, the
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company would be notified. another said they would receive a low maintenance signal at the central monitoring system but it would be a low priority and the family would eventually get a call. >> we never got a call from the company. it's unbelievable because we rely on security. >> reporter: now i checked with fairfax county police. they could not confirm these seven cases are connected to the break-ins from the summer. but families i talked with today say the community is a tight knit one. they're convinced without a doubt they're connected by their pattern, the m. orchlts and the way -- m. month and the way they -- m.o. and the way they gained intrai- - >> gained intrai. -- gained entry. police are looking for a girl gunned down last night at a playground in northeast. the victim, police say she was talking with a security guard when trouble came calling. >> while she was talking with the security guard, two other
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individuals who had decided that they wanted to shoot at the security guard came out and opened fire with the intentions of striking the security guard and struck this innocent 17- year-old girl. >> investigators believe there were a number of eyewitnesses to that shooting and they need those people to come forward. we spoke to montgomery county police just minutes ago, and they still don't have a suspect in last night's shooting in bethesda. right now the victim lies in critical condition in the hospital. he was just sitting in his family's van last night when someone shot him and ran away. police don't know if the shooting has anything to do with his job at the international monetary fund. >> we're still looking at this with a very wide scope. we're looking at a lot of different possibilities. we don't want to ignore any piece of evidence that may direct us to a quicker resolution of this event. >> stay with 9news now and
11:06 pm for the latest developments on this story. good news tonight if you live in montgomery county and you're worried about the h1n1 flu. the county has joined the list of local jurisdictions now administering the vaccine. there was a line today at the county health department to get the first nasal spray doses in silver spring. we caught up with erin fowler. she wants her entire family vaccinated, herself, her little girl and her husband. >> i just want to be protected and i want her to be protected. my husband is going to get it as well. the best way for us to be protected is to get the vaccine. >> the nasal spray vaccine is restricted only to people with no health problems ages 2 through 49. pregnant women cannot get it. other folks will have to wait until the shots are available but they should be within about a week. up next, caught on tape. a bar shootout. dozens of people forced to duck and cover just to stay out of the line of fire. the nonstop controversy over president obama's nobel
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peace prize. you're speaking out and we're letting you be heard. the high was 85. nowhere near the record of 94. we take you out with the forecast for tomorrow morning. if you're headed out, maybe a soccer game in the morning for the moms and kids, they'll be played. there will be a couple of showers but it will be mild. we're putting the finishing touches on the weekend forecast. stay with us.
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good evening. welcome to the winning numbers. tonight's first number is 5. the second number is 7. the third number is 9. 5, 7, 9. your winning cash numbers are on the side of your screen.
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welcome back. one minute you're sipping a 7- 7. the next you're dodging bullets from a 45. that looks crazy. this wild west shootout broke out last night inside a bar in toledo, ohio. it all started when the bartender tried to bounce somebody out of the place for selling drugs. they counted more than 20 shots fired. would you believe police don't think anybody was hurt. investigators are still trying to round up everybody who was involved. it is not every day that police detectives invite cameras in to see lingerie but this was irresistible. boxes and boxes of bras, $400,000 worth of maidenform's one fabulous fit. someone stole these bras from the company's plant four years ago.
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eventually they ended up on craigslist. they don't know who's doing the selling and they still haven't made a bust but if you're among those who bought the bras, you are in the clear. >> when people buy things that even though they're stolen and they purchased them in good faith, we don't hold people accountable. >> besides detective jeffs says confiscated undergarments that have been worn, that's just a little over the top. >> i still haven't gotten over the line "they haven't made a bust." you want to stay up for david letterman's top ten list. >> you invented swine flu. oh. >> all that coming your way right after 9news. plus... >> darkening gums and a high- tech solution still ahead on 9news now.
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if you were surprised that president barack obama won the nobel peace prize, you're not the only one. even the. says he doesn't think he belongs in the company of those winning that award. >> has it grown more political? brittany morehouse has some answers. >> reporter: start withed name,
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alfred nobel. >> it used to be a much more objective standard i think. woodrow wilson and theodore roosevelt ended wars. >> reporter: now looking at a war extension, president barack obama is the third sitting president awarded the nobel peace prize, an honor that even shocked the white house. >> as one ever the white house aides said, what is this? april 1 or something you're telling me he's got the prize. but i think they've got to welcome it because it is a tremendous honor. >> or is it? >> it's not such a big deal as we make out of it. >> reporter: this doctor teaches international affairs at george washington university. >> everything has become over the last decade more political. >> reporter: including, he says, the nobel peace prize which, by the way, offers no official criteria checklist. >> as a committee, whatever they said, they have the final word. they don't have to count anybody. they don't have to prove that they met six points and such.
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>> reporter: but they do have to select one laureate every year. >> if it wasn't obama, who is supposed to get it this year, who made a big peace this year, you won't find a long list of candidates. >> reporter: what you will find is a peace prize winner who most likely is moving on to other topics like troops in afghanistan, the war in iraq and nuclear weapons in iran to name just a few. brittany morehouse and 9news now at >> past recipients of the nobel peace prize and the committee members themselves can have a say. people hat plenty to say after the fact. in past years did most of us really care who won the nobel peace prize? >> i think it's a great honor for him. >> reporter: maybe we did but not like this. president obama's big award has washingtonians weighing in. >> i think it shows that the world has vested interest in,
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you know, the stuff he wants to do concerning peace around the world. >> reporter: but even obama supporters turn a bit skeptical when you ask does he really deserve it? >> i'm an obama supporter but i feel like he hasn't done a lot yet. >> i think it would have meant more if it happened in two years when he's had a chance to show the results of his policies. >> reporter: some say the prize could make those goals even more illusive. >> it definitely hurts more than helps. i feel like it gives people ammunition to say oh, he hasn't proven himself. he hasn't really done anything yet. >> i think he handled it very well in terms of talking about the potential, you know, as a symbol of what he hopes to accomplish. >> we invite you to keep on sounding off on this one at don't forget mcginty's mailbag. get ready for detours and delays on metro this columbus day weekend.
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safety inspections and track maintenance will take a big toll on yellow and green line riders. starting tonight at 10:30 the water frn and -- waterfront and navy memorial stations will be closed. shuttle buses will be running along the green line stations. rather than cross the potomac after the pentagon station, yellow line trains will be rerouted along the blue line tracks through rosslyn and d.c. all stations are to be back open normal business tuesday morning. tonight folks in the country's midsection can't wait for their skies to clear. they need to dry out. take a look at this video from arkansas and you'll see the rains have just gotten ridiculous over there. a school bus driver came around a blind curve and ran into this. it's a flash flood. fortunately the rescue teams got there quickly and nobody was hurt. >> wow. how many inches? >> i think they got three to
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four in about an hour and a half period. >> so fast. >> we're actually looking -- it's the same system but it's losing its ump which is okay when you see that, we don't want anything like that it will drop temps a little bit but all in all the weekend is looking pretty nice. here's the forecast first. the next three days, we'll keep a shower in tomorrow morning. temperatures around 70 for a high so that's not bad. a fair amount of clouds to start. nice on sunday, partly cloudy and 70. we lowered temperatures on monday in the low 60s. it's going to feel like fall on monday. and of course the green festival is this weekend. want to see you at the d.c. convention. go to our website check out my blog for more info. all right. weekend forecast, some details, breezy and mild. showers. we added a thunderstorm tonight. we just put that in. low temperatures 58 to 64. winds out ever the west, southwest at 10 to 20 and rather gusty. let me show you live doppler. you can access this on the web and check out our interactive radar which is pretty cool.
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we have a week line of showers and thunderstorms that dissipated to the west of us. we have some action in warrenton t. could grow in intensity as it moves northeastward. everything is moving pretty fast other the course of the next dowell of hours but this -- couple of hours but this has some decent rain. south of 66 over toward warrenton. we'll put this into motion. over the next hour this is going to generally push off to the north and to the east so it's going to cross 66 and cross haymarket in the course of the next hour. i don't think anything will be severe but you'll see pretty good rains in the next hour between the plains and haymarket. tomorrow morning mostly cloudy, mild a. few showers possible but i think all the soccer games will be played. temps in the 50s and 60s. winds west, northwest at 10 to 15. by afternoon partly sunny and cooler. we'll hang on to a chance of a leftover shower primarily south of town. not a bad day. high temperatures around 70. not a spectacular day like we had today but not bad. winds turn north, northeasterly
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at about 10. satellite picture, radar combined, a tremendous amount of rain here. tremendous amount. a lot of showers and thunderstorms. this is the severe weather that cropped up with a front. but as you can see, it's kind of just washing itself out. so the front goes through us. it doesn't have a lot of rain with it which is actually okay. next seven day, 70 tomorrow. shower primarily in the morning. more sunshine on sunday. we lowered monday. mostly sunny, 62 for a high. we'll try to get to 70 again on tuesday with a front. a couple of showers. then we ge back into the -- go back into the low 60s on wednesday. on thursday another system comes at us and we could see more showers on thursday. better chance of showers and rain and maybe thunderstorms on friday. >> you are the man, top. thank you. living well tonight, stained, damaged or misshapen teeth, that could keep a lot of people from smiling but for others the appearance of their
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gums actually makes them self- conscious. in our segment a new technique is giving them reason to smile again. stephanie johnson makes a living helping others look their best as a stylist. >> i'm fairly close to my clients when i'm working on them. you want to smile and make people feel comfortable. >> reporter: but stephanie has never felt comfortable with her own smile. she has beautiful white teeth but it's the way her gums look that bother her. >> they were darker so i didn't feel like my smile was as bright as it could be. >> reporter: stephanie's gums are perfectly healthy, but pigmentation has changed their color from pink to a dark gray. >> african-americans are big candidates because they have a lot of melanin and pigment in their skins, med tearians. >> reporter: this doctor has been helping patients like stephanie to turn thairk dark -- their dark gums to pink using a laser that's virtually pain free.
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>> it's called photo connective energy. it's done usually with no novocaine. >> reporter: it's -- if done with a scalpel, recovery time is lengthy and often painful but using laser therapy, many patients like stephanie can go back to work the next day with results worth smiling about. >> i was so amazed. i loved it. >> this procedure is considered cosmetic so most insurance won't cover t. stephanie could require some touch-ups over the years. the cost? $900 for the top gums and the same amount for the bottom. monday night at 11:00 before this happens to you, find out how old the tires are you're buying. we'll show you how to figure it out before you put the rubber to the road and possibly risk a serious accident. wizards back. gilbert arenas knee intact apparently. >> he is back. there was concern about his finger that he dislocated but apparently it's working just final. the wizards got gil.
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is that enough for a win? we'll examine the latest controversy in redskins land and we've got operation football. dematha in a 21-3 hole this evening. could they overcome? those answers ahead. when i first saw the new outback
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more room for adventure.
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the wizards made their first and last preseason appearance at the verizon summer tonight. while gilbert arenas' play may have put the home fans at ease t also should have put the rest of the league on alert. he's back. hosting the mavericks at the verizon center. gilbert played 20 minutes. in the quarter he went a perfect 6 of 6 finishing with 12 point, 9 assists. it still wasn't enough, though. the wizards fall 123-115.
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on to the redskins. the biggest story line at the park stems from an event that happened monday. apparently clinton portis and mike sellers had a heated exchange with each being restrained and separated. jim zorn downplayed the latest black eye for the burgundy and gold. >> it's just something that goes on. these guys are like brothers and they care about each other. so that's just -- that's really between them. seriously it's not an issue. >> to which we say -- [ indiscernible ] the terps face their first road contest tomorrow. 1-0 in the acc, they're actually ahead of 1-1 wake but maryland's opponent is the acc leader in offense. kickoff at 6:30 tomorrow. operation football tonight kicks off week six already of the high school football
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season. we begin with our game of the week, a pair of unbeaten good counsel at dematha. the falcons upset the stags last season. looked like they were going to do it again in this one. falcons would lead 21-3 going into the 4th. bill mcgregor not worried. i don't know what he said. it clearly worked. crying to scramble out of the pocket. dematha would score 21 unanswered points in the 4th to win it 24-21. we head on up to the skylight. robinson trying to stay undefeated at chantilly this evening. fielding the punt on the 17. off to the races. a quick one. that would set up a touchdown. robinson wins 35-21.
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convince orchard at clarksburg, the shotgun. 40 yards for the score. the coyotes up 28-14. convince orchard rallies. final seconds down 28-21. the quarterback keeps it, plows into the end zone. this is a tie game. we're going to overtime. that's the fifth touchdown of the night for this player. the cougars with the comeback 34-28. they're celebrating. back cot sky. this one at lake braddock, the first quarter, taken in for six. lake braddock the upset. they win 28-21. >> i think clinton portis deserves some credit for standing up for mike sellers who is eight foot seven. >> that's the last person you would ever want to pick. if you've ever seen his arms and shoulders. >> there is no fat on him. we've got to go. that is the end of the show. thanks for being with us tonight on a friday. using kmart layaway makes me wonder if everything...
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